AutoREALM Tutorials

How to make a lake

Start by selecting the polycurve tool polycurve toolto create a suitable lake shaped curve. Then right click and select "Create Closed Figure". You should get something like this:

Lake created using a polycurve

Ok, perhaps a white lake isn't what we want so let's change the colour.Use the controls for Fill Color and Main Color color selector to change the colours to something more lake like. Now it looks almost good. To add some extra style to it try to change the linestyle.

Linestyle selector

This produces a quite nice result. Depensing on your taste and how you drew the lake the lines may end up in the wrone way. No problam! You can easilty change it by using either "Flip Line Style" or "Reverse Line Direction" under the "Transform" menu.

Transform menu

Now we have a rather nice lake.

The finished lake

Now wouldn't it be nice to add a river to the lake?