AutoREALM Tutorials

Colour translation

Colour translation is a tool that can be used to change from one colour to another in an automated way. this may not sound so interesting, but the results can be stunning. Let's take an ordinary symbol

Colour translation

and click the button to display the Color Translation Manager

Colour translation buttons

This will bring up the Color Translation Manager

Color Translation Manager

Now you only have to choose what colour to translate to what other colour by clicking first on the colour to replace and then clicking at the replacement colour selector Replacement colorfollowed by Add/Change. At the bottom you will eventually get a list of the translations.

Color Translation list

Don't forget to save your list. Now you should be ready to use the translation list. Select what you cant to change colour on

Colour translation

and then press the Translate Color button Translate Color button and...

After translation

As you can see this can be used on everything you have drawn on a map so it can easily be used to convert this

Before Color Translation

to this

After Color Translation